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What is this?

This is a chromatic instrument tuner which is using your microphone to record and detect pitch of musical notes played on your instrument.

Why Ninja Tuner?

Most of other tuners are either not working, or working only on specific devices.

Ninja Tuner is cross platform tuner accessible from wide range of devices.

It works on almost every new browser across all operating systems.

Users on Android device can add it to their homescreen, and it will take less than 1MB of the device storage.

How to use?

1. Make sure to allow your browser to record audio.

Try to reload the page or app if you accidentally disallowed recording.

2. Play a tone on your instrument and read the tone detected with the tuner.

3. Adjust your instrument accordingly.

You will notice the wheel rotating while you're adjusting and playing the tone.

If the tuner is displaying a wrong pitch, try to minimize background noise - find a quiet room.


Tuner Ninja supports only the newest browsers - Edge 16+, Firefox 57+, Chrome 61+, Safari 11+, iOS Safari 11.2+, and Chrome for Android 62+.

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